The goal of our hygienists is to tell you what you can do to avoid needing extra dental work.  Many of our patients have not needed an appointment with the dentist in years.  They use DIGITAL X-RAYS, with 1/4 the exposure of film X-rays.


Even if your parents had bad teeth, you don't have to. Virtually every dental problem can be prevented if addressed at the right time.  Everyone's goal can be to keep their teeth, and have them look great.


If you're having dental problems now, you have treatment options.  We can tell you the advantages and disadvantages inherent with each option, so you can better decide.  We also have the full range of capabilities to provide any of the treatment options you may choose.  



Start by clicking on the DENTAL INFORMATION link in the top menu to begin learing more about your options right now.  There are important topics for everyone.  


If you're having a dental EMERGENCY, please call (916) 966-0835.  If nobody is available to answer the telephone, please leave your NAME & NUMBER on the voice mail recording, and tell us something about the problem.  We regularly check messages after hours, and will return your call soon.  Treatment is generally much easier and less costly when started earlier.


You may know someone that would love to be able discuss their dental concerrns in their native language.  We have staff that speak Spanish, Cantonese, Japanese, & Ngai.  


Routine Dentistry


Root canals, implants, all-ceramic crowns, cosmetic bonding, whitening, white fillings, veneers, wisdom teeth extractions, etc

Natural Smile


Natural beautiful smiles are achievable without veneers using only  alignment, whitening, & gentle contouring

Permanent Dentures


Implant-supported dentures that stay in

Option to place in one day

Also detachable denture option

Dental Work Frightening?


Tell us.  We have techniques to reduce the sting of shots, or to completely numb teeth that are hard to numb.  You can also use nitrous & sedation.

Care for Kids
Our kids usually start with cleanings when 3, and most have great teeth. When fillngs are needed, we have a VERY comfortable method for numbing the tooth.
Tooth Straightening


Clear aligners or braces for adults.  Children are referred to orthodontists.



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Eric Knutson DDS

General Dentistry

"The secret to having a great dental appointment is to complain more.  We can keep you completely numb now.  It's not like the old days.  Don't try to be stoic, and wait until you feel 7 out of 10 pain before you say anything.  We want you to tell us right away even if you only were feeling a 1 or 2.  That's the tooth warning you that it needs a little more numbing."